Art and the Brain

Art and the Brain: The Impact of Creating Art on Your Brain

To Yves Klein, art had a transcendent quality. It was a way to see into the beyond – to see into another world: “Pure, existential space was regularly winking at me, each time in a more impressive manner, and this sensation of total freedom attracted me so powerfully that I painted some monochrome surfaces just to ‘see,’ to ‘see” with my own eyes what existential sensibility granted me: absolute freedom!”

While some may debate whether or not art has this much power in a person’s life, there are a few abilities that no one denies. For example, studies have shown that art has healing capabilities, and is being placed in hospitals and other centers where people struggling with illness can see them and speed their healing. Even more exciting, however, is the fact that actually creating art can improve brain function. Let’s take a closer look:

The Power Creating Art Has On the Brain

In a recent German study, researchers found that people who created art “showed greater spatial improvement in functional connectivity,” and “physiological resilience” was improved in newly retired individuals between the ages of 62 and 70. Simply put, creating art may very well delay the decline of brain functions to age and stress.

Another study confirmed this hypothesis. 28 study participants were split into two groups: Half of them took an art appreciation course, and the other half were put into a hands-on art class. Over the next 10 weeks, the participants were studied to learn more about their emotional resilience. It was found that those who actually created art had a “significant improvement in psychological resilience,” and “functional connectivity” in their brain than those who simply sat in a class to learn about art.

Create Art for a Healthier Mind

While studies are continuing, it is just common sense that art helps your brain function better. Painting, drawing, molding clay, playing a piece of music, or any other type of art has a visible impact on anyone who has given themselves over to the creation of it. If you’d like to calm your mind, set aside some time to create art in some form or another. Your brain and your health will thank you!

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