Creation of International Klein Blue Paint

Invention of a Color: The Making of International Klein Blue Paint

Not many people can say they have invented something. And an even fewer number of people can say they have invented a color. One of these people is Yves Klein, who patented International Klein Blue in 1960. In today’s post, we’re going to look at this truly unique color, and how it came to be created.

The Creation of International Klein Blue Paint

Yves Klein was inspired by the color of the sky, and determined to recreate it for his paintings. He worked with a chemical retailer, and created a color known as International Klein Blue (IKB). The intensity of the color is made possible due to dry, pure pigment being suspended in ether and petroleum, as well as a clear synthetic resin. This process is what gives International Klein Blue paint its vivid, resilient color. The process for creating the color was patented on May 19, 1960 under the patent number 63471.

Why International Klein Blue Paint is So Unique

One look at International Klein Blue paint, and you are struck with just how uniquely beautiful it is. The paint looks infinite, as if you are staring into a void – which is exactly what Klein wished it to be, and strove to create. The reason for this infinite, velvet, light-absorbent appearance is the medium used to create it. It is versatile, and can be used on many different kinds of surfaces.

Why Yves Klein Created IKB

As we mentioned earlier, Yves Klein was inspired by the color blue. He felt it embodied the most tangible aspects of nature. The sky and water inspired his painting style and methods, and he worked hard to create a color that captured the intensity of the color from which he was so inspired. We’re thankful he did – because International Klein Blue paint is a truly unique, stunning color that is loved by many all over the world.

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