Painting With Blue

Painting with Blue: A Glimpse at the Meaning of the Color

Painting with blue: Yves Klein dedicated an entire period of his life to painting with this one color. His “blue period” resulted in the invention of International Klein Blue, a color so striking and unique, it remains highly-sought-after art to this day. In today’s blog post, we’re going to look at the meaning and the emotions behind this truly unique color.

Each Color Has a Meaning

There is a meaning behind each and every color. Emotions and moods can be changed and manipulated with color. Blue has multiple meanings and elicits many different emotional responses. Here are a few:

 – Psychology and the Color Blue

Psychologically speaking, blue has a reliable and responsible connotation. It has an inner confidence and security. Because of this, blue is often used in logo and brand design, because it sends signals of stability.

 – Emotion and the Color Blue

Emotionally-speaking, blue elicits a feeling of calmness, tranquility, order, and relaxation. Imagine laying in the grass and gazing into the clear blue sky. You will likely feel calm and relaxed, and maybe even inspired (as Yves Klein was when he gazed up into the sky with his friends).

Artists and their Blue Periods

During Yves Klein’s blue period, he developed International Klein Blue – a color that is famous for its brilliancy and depth. Created by suspending the pigment in oil, the color has a unique resiliency. During this time, Klein painted more than 1,000 blue pieces of art. Other artists have focused entirely on the color blue during their career. Picasso’s “Blue Period” (which took place from 1901 to 1904), was much different that Klein’s focus on the infinite nature of blue. Picasso’s blue art is destitute and full of despair.

Painting with Blue: A Glimpse Into the Infinite

Painting with blue elicits different emotions for different artists. Picasso’s blue period resulted in despairing, bleak art, while Yves Klein’s blue period resulted in brilliant glimpses into the infinite. Blue is a truly unique color that can influence the mind and body of those who paint with it, and those who enjoy their art.

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